MAGIC THipPro VoIP Intercom System

Product Details

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  • Intercom Gateway with 8 or 16 VoIP lines
  • Up to 10 systems with 160 voice channels

Product Details

The Intercom System is a DSP-based gateway, available in two versions: MAGIC THipPro 8 VoIP Intercom with 8 lines and MAGIC THipPro 16 VoIP Intercom with 16 lines, the 8-lines system can be extended to 16 lines by a hardware upgrade.
The 1U device has eight digital audio lines (four AES/EBU interfaces) and two analogue audio inputs and outputs in each version.

One license for one workplace is already included in the delivery, additional licenses for up to 20 workplaces (one license per system per workplace) are optionally available. The software allows the user to answer and dial calls and to see the receive and transmit Audio levels. A common SQL data base is available for all systems, all systems can use the same database. The application can control a maximum of ten devices.


HD Voice

With the HD Voice (G.722) upgrade connections in 7-kHz quality can be established and received.

Dante/AES67 & LAN 3/4 Modul

With the Dante/AES67 interface card for the MAGIC THipPro VoIP Intercom devices, 32 audio inputs/outputs can be routed via IP to Dante or AES67 compatible devices.

In addition to this hardware solution, an AES67 software upgrade is also available for all MAGIC THipPro VoIP Intercom. The upgrade allows the use of eight additional audio channels (8 x RX (2 Streams) and 8 x TX (1 Stream)) over IP via AES67. AES67 is the lowest common denominator of several similar technologies and ensures communication between e.g. AES67 compatible Dante and Ravenna devices.

MAGIC THipPro VoIP Intercom in its standard version offers two LAN interfaces to physically separate VoIP and the controller. With the optional LAN 3/4 module, a total of four Ethernet interfaces are available.

Pretalk Streaming Upgrade

MAGIC THipPro VoIP Intercom also supports the Pretalk Streaming function. With this upgrade, the LAN connection between the system and the control PC can be used for Pretalks, so that no additional audio cables have to be laid. The conversation with the partner takes place via the PC sound card or a USB headset or handset.
A total of up to ten Pretalk Streaming licenses can be activated, each of which can be assigned to one workstation.

MAGIC THipPro Intercom Workplace Client

Configuration and control is done via one (or more) MAGIC THipPro Intercom Client(s). A maximum of 20 VMS clients can access a system, the first license is already included in the delivery.

Redundant power supply

Optionally a redundant power supply can be used, the 5V DC table power supply is included in this hardware upgrade.