High Quality Audio Transmission

AVT is a manufacturer of high-quality audio transmission products such as IP, ISDN and POTS telephone hybrids as well as high quality audio codecs for IP, ISDN and E1 (2Mbps) networks. In addition, DAB and DAB+ systems are available for a complete DAB headend.


Telephone Hybrids

Telephone Hybrids or Talkshow Systems convert an incoming phone call into an Audio signal which is suitable for the studio environment. There are typically three different line interfaces that are used: POTS (analogue telephone lines), ISDN or Ethernet interfaces using the Voice over IP technology.

Frontansicht eines Audiocodecs

Audio Codecs

Audio Codecs are needed for high-quality Audio transmissions over different networks like IP, ISDN, 2-Mbit/s (E1) and X.21. Over IP and ISDN, both Leased Line connections as well as temporary dial-up connections can be used. There is a wide range of applications in which Audio Codecs are required, such as e.g. reporting, studio programme contribution and distribution as well as Studio-Transmitter-Links.

Frontansicht eines DAB/DAB+


The digital broadcast technology DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a broadband system, with which several programmes (Audio and data services) can be transmitted from one or more programme providers in one Ensemble.