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This is what sustainability means at AVT

Sustainability is one of the most important, if not the most important issue of our time.

We at AVT therefore asked ourselves how we, as a small to medium-sized company, can contribute to more sustainable conduct and operations.

In answering this question, we were supported by Bayern Innovativ - an innovation platform for the Bavarian economy - and thus had the great opportunity to take part in a sustainability assessment. We learned that there are numerous areas in which even small and medium-sized companies can contribute already in the short and medium term.

For us at AVT, it is important to tackle the topics that make sense to us, are comprehensible and can be implemented in practice.

In addition to ecological sustainability to conserve resources and avoid pollution, we also value economic and social sustainability. For us, this includes innovation, sustainable growth, a good living standard, social justice, continued professional education and health.


How do we put this to practice at AVT?

1. We manufacture sustainable products

For us, this means we have for decades been developing products that will still work 15 years later. If a problem occurs, our products can still be repaired even then.

2. We guarantee free firmware and software updates.

We provide all customers with free updates via our website to ensure that systems remain optimally usable for the entire product cycle - and beyond.

3. We integrate new technologies

Through functional firmware and software upgrades, we offer our customers the opportunity to retrofit technical innovations without having to purchase new hardware.

Just two examples:

  • We have made our audio codecs, which were initially developed for ISDN, fit for the Audio over IP standard that emerged years later.
  • The current AES67 audio transmission standard has been made available even for systems that are more than 10 years old, updating these devices up to the current state of technology and eliminating the need to purchase new equipment.

4. We optimise the power consumption of our systems

All our systems are optimised to meet exactly the needed requirements, thus avoiding waste of resources.

As a result, the units have minimal power consumption - therefore we can dispense with active cooling (e.g. by a fan) in most cases.

5. We produce exclusively in Germany

All systems are produced in Germany in our contract manufacturing facilities, which are certified to high German standards. This enables us to shorten shipping routes and minimise environmental impact.

6. We certify our systems

All our products are tested by independent certification bodies. For us, a CE label is not just a sticker.

7. We train our employees

High standards and innovative ideas can only be achieved if the most important resource of our company - our employees - can improve their professional skills further and keep up with the ever faster technical changes.

8. We aim to balance work and family

How and when we work today has changed significantly, not least because of the pandemic. We support home office and flexible working hours to make it easier to reconcile family and work.

9. We want work to be fun and motivating

A good atmosphere in the company promotes creativity and the ability to innovate.
Last but not least, this also includes fair and performance-based pay - regardless of gender, origin or religion.


We are far from having reached the end of our possibilities and we would be pleased if you would accompany us on this exciting journey.

Your AVT Team