To record up to 32 callers at the same time, there are also the new MAGIC THipPro VMS answering systems. Each Voice Message System has 8 or 16 caller lines; individual announcement texts can be played at the beginning of a call. The recorded signals are saved as WAV files on the PC, the files can be played back directly or processed externally. If a recording exceeds the previously defined time, a rejection text is played.

The MAGIC THipPro Voicemail System for connection to VoIP-capable PBXs or VoIP main lines is used for automated recording of up to - in the maximum configuration level - 32 simultaneous calls, which are stored as WAV files on a file server.
The DSP-based recording system is available in two versions: MAGIC THipPro 8 VoIP VMS for eight and MAGIC THipPro 16 VoIP VMS for 16 caller lines. MAGIC THipPro 8 VoIP VMS can be upgraded to 16 lines if required.
Configuration and control is done via the included MAGIC THipPro VMS Client. Up to five VMS clients can access one system, the first license is already included in the delivery.
Up to two 16- or four 8-line systems can be managed together in the graphical user interface, so that in total a maximum of 32 recording channels are available.
Up to two clients can take over the master function. A master records the callers and saves the recording as a WAV file. For performance reasons, the recordings should also be saved on this PC. With the File Server Redundancy Upgrade, a second master PC can automatically take over the function if this PC fails.