System Manager Upgrade


If a broadcasting station has several AVT telephone hybrids and audio codecs, these can be displayed in the System Manager. This central management software allows a clear presentation of all MAGIC TH1Go, MAGIC TH2plus, MAGIC TH6 and MAGIC THipPro telephone hybrids and MAGIC ACip3 audio codecs.

Even if the systems use different software versions, all devices are supported.
For each device, possible alarms and the operating status (in use or in configuration) are displayed. The query is made cyclically via SNMP. System Monitor, Registration Dialog, System Panel and Firmware Download can be accessed.
All systems can also be configured remotely from an administrative location. A complete remote configuration of the system is possible, all presets and super presets can be managed. For security reasons, the current status of the line is displayed.
In the future also desired systems are to be selected and then on appropriate clients and systems a new release is to be rolled out completely. Reconfiguration is also planned, either manually or via a scheduler. Presets and super presets can be loaded quickly and easily, as well as SIP accounts can be assigned or changed.
One System Manager license is required per system.