• MAGIC THipPro Pure VMS with GUI
    MAGIC THipPro Pure VMS with GUI
  • MAGIC THipPro Pure VMS Front
    MAGIC THipPro Pure VMS Front
  • MAGIC THipPro Pure VMS Front
    MAGIC THipPro Pure VMS Front
  • MAGIC THipPro Pure VMS Rear
    MAGIC THipPro Pure VMS Rear

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Product Details

MAGIC THipPro Voicemail System is available with 8 or 16 caller lines. The DSP-based recording system for connection to VoIP-capable PBXs or VoIP main lines is designed for automated recording of up to - in the maximum configuration level - 32 simultaneous calls, which are stored as WAV files on a file server.

Configuration is done via the included MAGIC THipPro VMS Client. If multiple access options are required, up to 4 additional VMS clients can optionally access one system.
Up to four 8-line or two 16-line systems can be managed together in one graphical user interface, so that in total a maximum of 32 recording channels are available.


MAGIC THipPro VMS Workplace Client

Configuration and control is done via one (or more) MAGIC THipPro VMS Client(s). A maximum of five VMS clients can access a system, the first license is already included in the delivery.

In total, the user interface can be extended to up to 32 answering machines, so that 4 x MAGIC THipPro 8 VoIP VMS or 2 x MAGIC THipPro 16 VoIP VMS systems can be managed together.

MAGIC ThipPro VMS Workplace Client

File Server Redundancy

Up to two clients can take over the master function. A master records the callers and saves the recording as a WAV file. For performance reasons, the recordings should also be saved on this PC. With the File Server Redundancy Upgrade, a second master PC can automatically take over this function if the first PC fails.

Redundant Power Supply

Optionally a redundant power supply can be used, the 5V DC table power supply is included in this hardware upgrade.


MAGIC THipPro Pure VMS with redundant PSU