Quick Guides

The Quick Guides will help You to set up the AVT Products and to operate them. You will find administrator training docs as well as user guides.

Telephone Hybrids

SQL Server 2012 Installation (v1) PDF, 3.34 MB, 19.09.2014
MAGIC TH6 (v1) PDF, 2.81 MB, 02.02.2018
MAGIC THipPro Intercom (v1) PDF, 2.38 MB, 07.08.2018
Signalling and Control with EmBER+ (v1) PDF, 2.27 MB, 26.03.2018
Signalling and Control with DHD SetLogic (v1) PDF, 2.29 MB, 26.03.2018

Audio Codecs

MAGIC AC1 XIP Secure Login Update (v1) PDF, 0.94 MB, 09.08.2017
MAGIC AC1 XIP (v1) PDF, 0.56 MB, 26.01.2018
MAGIC ACip3 (v3) PDF, 3.39 MB, 05.12.2018


MAGIC AE4 (v1) PDF, 1.09 MB, 25.10.2018


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