MAGIC TH2plus V2 Telephone Hybrid

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    MAGIC TH2plus GUI
  • MAGIC TH2plus GUI
    MAGIC TH2plus GUI
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    MAGIC TH2plus Front
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Product Details

MAGIC TH2plus V2 is a dual hybrid and offers three operating modes in one system: with two analog a/b interfaces, one ISDN S0, and one LAN interface, the system can be used in analog, ISDN, and optionally also in VoIP mode. With an external GSM adapter, an extension to a GSM telephone hybrid is even possible.

Two hardware is realized as a compact 1/2 x 19" system with external 12V power supply.


MAGIC TH2plus V2 offers a variety of functions such as caller conferences, automatic call acceptance, voice disguising, night service, call forwarding and the possibility to store caller information in a database. The existing caller data is displayed immediately on an incoming call if the call number has been transferred. Unwanted callers can be put on a blacklist.


Windows PC Software

The system can be controlled and configured via the front keypad and the graphical display. The Windows PC software included in the scope of delivery, which enables particularly convenient configuration and operation of the system, offers further control options. Screening information on the callers can be stored in a database (MS ACCESS or optionally MS SQL) and is immediately available when the phone number is transferred. Additional MAGIC TH2plus software licenses can be used to set up additional operator or screener workplaces.

Windows PC Software

Pretalk Streaming Upgrade

MAGIC TH2plus also supports the so-called Pretalk Streaming function. With this Upgrade the LAN connection between the control PC and the hybrid can be used for Pretalk which means no Audio cabling is required. The conversation with the caller is done via the PC sound card or a USB Headset. Besides, Pretalk Streaming allows you to record the caller and presenter signals as WAV file.

The Pretalk Streaming licences are available in two versions: either as a Pretalk Stream assigned to a fixed PC workplace (max. 3 licences) or as Dynamic Pretalk Streaming, which can be used flexibly from all workplaces (max. 2 licences).

VoIP & HD Voice Upgrade

With the Voice-over-IP option, the MAGIC TH2plus Telephone Hybrid can be extended to an IP Hybrid. MAGIC TH2plus and MAGIC TH2plus RM allow up to two calls via the integrated LAN interface after this software upgrade.

If the MAGIC TH2plus telephone hybrids are used with HD Voice activation in Voice over IP or ISDN mode (VoIP option required), calls can be received from HD Voice compatible telephones in 7 kHz quality (G.722). Outgoing calls to HD-Voice compatible phones are of course also transmitted in 7 kHz quality.

AES67 4-Channels Upgrade

The AES67 upgrade allows the use of four additional audio channels (4 x RX (1 Stream) und 4 x TX (1 Stream)) over IP via AES67. AES67 is the lowest common denominator of several similar technologies and ensures communication between e.g. AES67 compatible Dante and Ravenna devices.

This feature is not available in ISDN operating mode.

DTMF Analyzer Plug-In

For game shows or sport events the DTMF Analyser can be a great asset. It provides three modes: standard, game show and event. Whereas in the standard mode only the numbers are displayed, in the game show mode it is also highlighted which caller was first to press the number on his phone. In the event mode, labels can be defined which are shown instead of the numbers.

Remote Reporting Upgrade

In order to broadcast a report when the studios are unmanned – which is often the case at many radio stations in the evenings and at night – a reporter can use the Remote Reporting Upgrade to carry out a live report via his mobile phone. After dialling into the device, a freely definable PIN must be entered. A confirmation tone then sounds to indicate whether the entry was correct. The caller is then switched directly to the programme. To end the transmission, the reporter simply has to hang up.

The Remote Reporting Upgrade can also be used for emergency announcements. Instead of a reporter, the police, fire brigade or emergency services can then dial in directly. To prevent misuse, certain phone numbers can be white-listed in the phone book. Only these authorised numbers can then dial in.

For the evaluation of the PIN, the optional DTMF Analyzer Plug-In is additionally required.

SQL Upgrade

Caller data can be stored in a database (screening). If the number is transmitted during a call, all available information is displayed. By default the MAGIC TH2plus works with an MS Access database, which can optionally be replaced by an MS SQL database. This is particularly advantageous if a common database with several devices is to be used.

Intercom Upgrade

With the Intercom Upgrade, up to 20 MAGIC TH2plus systems can be displayed and controlled in one user interface. The functions PRETALK, HOLD and Screening are not available in this software.

Intercom Upgrade

MAGIC System Manager Upgrade

If a broadcasting station has several AVT telephone hybrids and audio codecs, these can be displayed in the MAGIC System Manager. This central management software allows a clear presentation of all MAGIC TH1Go, MAGIC TH2plus, MAGIC TH6, MAGIC THipPro and MAGIC ACip3 systems. Even if the system uses different software versions, all devices are supported. For each device, possible alarms and the operating status (in use, in configuration) are displayed. The query is made cyclically via SNMP. System Monitor, Registration Dialog, System Panel and Firmware Download can be accessed.

All hybrids and codecs can also be configured remotely from an administrative location. A complete remote configuration of the system is possible, all presets and super presets can be managed. For security reasons, the current status of the line is displayed. In the future also desired systems are to be selected and then on appropriate clients and systems a new release is to be rolled out completely. Reconfiguration is also planned, either manually or via a scheduler. Presets and super presets can be loaded quickly and easily, as well as SIP accounts can be assigned or changed.

One MAGIC System Manager license is required per system

MAGIC System Manager Upgrade


Ember+ Extension Upgrades

For more complex Ember+ configurations, the Ember+ Extension Upgrade offers simplified programming due to an improved functional overview. The Ember+ Consumer Extension licence is used for DHD mixers, for LAWO consoles the Ember+ Dial Pad Extension licence is used. A maximum of two licences can be activated for the MAGIC TH2plus.

Ember+ Extension Upgrades

MAGIC PhonerSet

MAGIC PhonerSet enables convenient operation of the MAGIC TH2plus telephone hybrids via a touchscreen-enabled telephone. The telephone can be used parallel to the Windows PC software or independently without a PC. The connection for the control of all caller lines and the transmission of the audio signal takes place via a standard network interface.
MAGIC PhonerSet uses the caller lines of the used telephone hybrid system - an additional registration to a SIP server is not necessary. MAGIC TH2plus allows the simultaneous use of up to two MAGIC PhonerSets operator stations.

The operation is based on the respective PC software of the telephone hybrid system.

  • The following telephony functions are supported separately for each available caller line: Call setup, call acceptance, hang up, redial, call transfer, PRETALK, HOLD, ON AIR (1-fader or 2-fader mode) and line blocking (LOCK).
  • Further functions are available via the Function key: Lock/Unlock all lines (LOCK ALL), hang up all lines (DROP ALL) and Call List.

MAGIC PhonerSet


MAGIC TH2plus has two interfaces for handsets or headsets that can be used for Pretalk. Alternatively, you can use the optional Pretalk Streaming Upgrade to connect handsets or headsets directly to your PC via USB.



Up to two external keypads can be connected to the MAGIC TH2plus.


VoIP - GSM/4G Gateway

With the external GSM and 4G gateways for two lines, the MAGIC TH2plus in VoIP can be expanded mode for mobile use.

2-line GSM/4G Gateway


With external GSM adapters, MAGIC TH2plus in POTS mode can also be upgraded to a GSM hybrid

GSM Adapter

Dual Mounting Kit

For the smaller MAGIC TH2plus systems (1/2 x 19") it is possible to install two devices side by side in a 19" rack with the Dual Mounting Kit. The brackets for the installation of only one device are always included in the scope of delivery.

Dual Mounting Kit