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    MAGIC Server Dashboard in Tablet

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Product Details

The MAGIC Server will be available from the end of June 2024.

The MAGIC Server is a scalable, software-based telephone hybrid & audio codec server. The system is modular and can be configured according to requirement and application.

For smaller studios, for podcasters or for recording telephone interviews, the entry level MAGIC Server Basic offers a VoIP telephone channel, a web operating client and one studio. For talk shows, for example, the system can be expanded to up to 8 VoIP telephone channels and a second studio. For high-quality audio and also video transmissions, two stereo Audio Codecs and Collaboration Services such as WebRTC or MS Teams can also be integrated, making two of the maximum eight lines OPUS-, PCM-, WebRTC- and MS Teams-capable.

Compared to the Basic version, the MAGIC Server Professional offers significantly more resources, so medium and large broadcasters with growing requirements can expand the system at any time.
The system offers 8 to 96 VoIP telephone hybrid channels, 24 studios with 48 application-specific web control clients for presenters, screeners and technicians, 48 recording booths (News Desks) for telephone interviews and six Intercom groups for communication with correspondents or remote stations.

Both server variants can be run on a physical server as well as on a virtual machine, with the Basic variant also being able to be run on a current desktop PC / workstation.
The VoIP connection is made - as with the hardware telephone hybrids - via individual SIP accounts of a local PBX or a cloud PBX.
The MAGIC server supports the classic telephony standard G.711 (3.1 kHz audio bandwidth) as well as the much higher quality HD Voice standard G.722 (7 kHz audio bandwidth) by default.



Telephone Hybrid Channel

The MAGIC Server Basic can be extended to up to 8, the MAGIC Server Professional to up to 96 VoIP lines.

Studio Upgrade

With the MAGIC Server Basic, a second studio can optionally be set up, with the MAGIC Server Professional, up to 24 studios are possible.

The available lines can be freely assigned to the studios.

Audio Codec Channel

Up to 2 (Basic) or 24 (Professional) of the available VoIP channels can be extended for the use of high-quality stereo audio transmissions (OPUS, PCM).

The channels are still available as regular caller lines, but additionally support high-quality connections.

MAGIC Collaboration Services

Optionally, additional collaboration services can be assigned for the telephone channels, which enables connections via WebRTC and MS Teams.
With WebRTC, high quality recordings are possible due to the OPUS codec used.

MAGIC Collaboration Services can be configured channel by channel for audio or audio & video.
The caller only needs a PC with a current web browser and a high-quality headset.

LAN/Screener Web Client

The combined LAN/Screener Web Client allows an optimised view for the presenter, the screener, the control room/technical staff and the data manager to manage caller information.

A variant for general use (LAN Client) and a variant optimised for data entry (Screener Client) can be used.

Up to 8 Clients (Basic) or up to 48 Clients (Professional) are possible.

MAGIC Server LAN Client with Collaboration Services in TabletMAGIC Server Screener Web Client in Tablet

News Desk Web Client

E.g. for telephone interviews in small recording booths, the News Desk Web Client with a simplified user interface is ideal.
A single telephone line is displayed per workplace. The telephone conversation is recorded externally by default, or alternatively via the optional centralized recording feature.

The News Desk Web Client is only available for the MAGIC Server Professional.

MAGIC Server Newsdesk Web Client in Tablet


Recording Extension

The recording function enables the recording of telephone interviews. This can be assigned to a workplace to enable a presenter or screener to record directly on air or in the pre-interview.

Alternatively, each recording channel can be configured as an answering machine, including an individual announcement, recording time, etc.

Ember+/DHD Set Logic Upgrade and Workplace Licence

The optional Ember+/DHD SetLogic Upgrade (required per audio core), allows signalling and control with virtual GPIOs via DHD SetLogic and/or Ember+.

Integration of telephone hybrid channels into DHD or LAWO mixer/VSM environments can then be easily implemented per workplace with the Ember+ Workplace licence. Up to 8 (Basic) or 96 (Professional) workplaces are possible.

In addition, a wide variety of functions for controlling and displaying information (e.g. name of a caller) are available. The Ember+ implementation supports both consumer and provider mode.

Intercom Upgrade and Intercom Web Client

With the Intercom Upgrade and the associated Intercom Web Client, up to 32 callers can be displayed in one view. The upgrade also provides specific functions such as a level booster in the direction of transmission, line identification via speech synthesis and signalling in the event of line interruption. Up to six intercom groups can be set up per server.

The intercom functionality is only available for the MAGIC Server Professional.

Pretalk Streaming Extension

The Pretalk Streaming Extension for the LAN/Screener Web Client enables a direct audio connection of the control PC via the network. Pretalk conversation is thus easily possible via a headset connected to the PC.

This option is particularly useful for remote operator stations that cannot be easily connected to an audio core.

Competition & Event Management

With the Competition & Event Management Studio Upgrade, the administration of game shows including invitations of listeners to events (e.g. concerts) can be done comfortably in the Web Client.

The option allows the creation and evaluation of competitions, including the administration of the prize contingent. For events, the tickets of all participants can be managed. All lists can be exported as PDF or Excel files.

Voice Mail Manager

The Voice Mail Manager upgrade offers extended answering machine functionality and supports recoding and assigning voice messages for each studio.

The Voice Mail Manager requires at least 1 x Recording Licence and is only available for the MAGIC Server Professional.

DTMF Analyzer Upgrade

For game shows or sporting events, the DTMF Analyzer Studio Upgrade can be added. There are three modes to choose from: Standard, Gameshow and Event. While in standard mode only the digits received via DTMF are displayed, in gameshow mode the caller who answered the fastest is marked. In event mode, short text information is displayed instead of the digits. At football matches, for example, reporters on site can inform the control room that a goal has been scored even in hold mode.

Virtual AES67 Sound Carte

The integration into the local audio network can be done via a virtual AES67 sound card with up to 192 channels.

An NMOS module for controlling the streams via NMOS is also available as an option.

Alternatively, integration with an external USB Dante® / Ravenna / MADI sound card (RME Digiface) or a classic internal or external ASIO-capable multi-channel sound card is possible.


RME Digiface Dante®/Ravenna

For connection to audio networks, we offer native sound cards for both Dante® and Ravenna.

The Dante sound card offers 64 channels, the Ravenna variant provides 128 channels. Both cards have integrated MADI support for 64 channels.

Alternatively, it is also possible to use a MADI sound card (RME Digiface) or a classic internal or external ASIO-capable multichannel sound card.


MAGIC PhonerSet

As an alternative to the web clients, the MAGIC PhonerSet can also be used for operation.
The MAGIC PhonerSet is available in three versions.

Up to 8 (Basic) or up to 48 (Professional) PhonerSets can be configured and assigned to the respective studios.
A maximum of 12 lines can be displayed per PhonerSet.


MAGIC PhonerSet Trio

Hardware Manager für MAGIC Server

Existing AVT hardware telephone hybrids including connected audio codecs can also be integrated with the optional Hardware Manager for the MAGIC Server Professional, replacing or supplementing the classic PC operating clients with modern web clients.

This does not change the audio and VoIP infrastructure connected to the hardware systems.
The Hardware Manager supports all AVT telephone hybrids (MAGIC TH1 Go / TH2plus / TH6 / THipPro family) and MAGIC ACip3 with ACconnect.

The web-based user interfaces significantly minimise the time required for a system update, as only the server needs to be updated. Installation at the operator stations is completely eliminated.


With the optional Pretalk Streaming Upgrade, handsets or headsets can be connected directly to the PC via USB.

USB Handsets and Headsets


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