MAGIC DABMUX Go RF Ensemble Multiplexer

Product Details

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  • DSP-based Ensemble Multiplexer
  • Configuration via web browser
  • Integrated NPAD inserter
  • Synchronization via NTP
  • SNMP v1/v2c
  • Manual reconfigurations
  • Scheduled reconfigurations
  • RF modulator + GPS synchronization
  • Connection of up to 20 encoders possible

Product Details

MAGIC DABMUX Go RF is the smallest and only DSP-based Ensemble Multiplexer worldwide, thus providing high availability at an excellent performance. With MAGIC DABMUX Go RF RM there is also a 19“ version that can be mounted in a rack.

Up to 20 program providers can be connected via external Audio Encoders. An installation of the Encoders directly in the studio avoids effectively an interference in Audio quality because of Codec cascading.

Special value was set on the easy configuration of the Ensemble Multiplexer, so that even users without DAB expert knowledge are able to set up the system. The configuration, operation and monitoring are effected via a HTML5-compatible web browser.

The highly compact DAB Ensemble Multiplexers facilitate a very simple Multiplex generation in accordance with standard ETSI EN 300 401. Despite its size, all features such as re-configuration (manually and scheduled), extraction of Sub Channels of other Multiplexers, integration of PAD and NPAD data services, creation of Service Information etc. are integrated.

Audio Services can be supplied via the AVTMUX or the EDI(ETI) protocol from external Multiplexers. As output signal both Multiplexer variants supply an EDI signal for transmission to the transmitters.

With the integrated modulator, you can alternatively activate a power amplifier directly. This possibility is particularly of interest if you have only one transmitter site. The synchronisation is effected via NTP or via the integrated GPS receiver.

An external alarm can also be triggered via SNMP.

The system has a GBit Ethernet network interface, which allows the configuration of up to three IP addresses as well as VLANs.


MAGIC DABMUX plus upgrade

The system can be extended with the features of the MAGIC DABMUX plus multiplexer via software upgrade:

  • Output: 4 x EDI (ETI) Simulcast
  • Automatic Encoders and Multiplexer Redundancy
  • 4 x integrated NPAD inserter
  • 4 x EDI input incl. automatic service extraction
  • Support of Service Linking, Dynamic Linkage Set Activation
  • Integrated PAD inserter: SLS,DL(+)
  • Connection of 25 encoders (with redundancy)

Emergency Warning Break-In Upgrade

The EWB upgrade, besides setting the correct announcement flag, enables the simultaneous replacement of all audio content by an emergency announcement. This ensures that the announcement is audible even with older receivers. One additional MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Go or MAGIC AE4 Audio Encoder is required as emergency audio source.

Cable Upgrade

An additional operating mode for cable networks is offered with the Cable Upgrade. The EDI input signal is analyzed. The EDI output signal can be reformatted, the protection level and the service label can be changed.

Redundant power supply (MAGIC DABMUX Go RF RM)

A redundant 230V power supply is available for the 19" version.