MAGIC SDC ETI/EDI Switch & Converter

  • MAGIC SDC ETI/EDI Switch & Converter
    MAGIC SDC ETI/EDI Switch & Converter
  • MAGIC SDC ETI/EDI Switch & Converter
    MAGIC SDC ETI/EDI Switch & Converter

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Product Details

The MAGIC SDC enables trouble-free switching of a redundant DAB multiplexer system. To achieve this, continuous time information must be transmitted to a downstream DAB transmitter. Jumps, for example in the time stamp, or even missing time stamps cause a considerable loss of the transmission, since the transmitter would have to synchronize completely again.

With the MAGIC SDC, the output signal of each DAB multiplexer is permanently monitored. If an error is detected in a multiplex, the system automatically switches to the redundant input. The timestamp can be regenerated in the output signal of the switch, so that a continuous timestamp is guaranteed at the transmitter. The switching criteria as well as the switching behaviour (monostable, bistable) can be freely defined by the user.

The system can be used as a classic ETI switch for E1 G. 703/G. 704 lines or optionally as an EDI switch for IP networks.

If the EDI option is available, the system also enables conversion from EDI to ETI and vice versa, so that DAB multiplexers that no longer support a native ETI can still be integrated into the existing ETI infrastructure.

The system is configured via the PC software included in the scope of delivery and displays the status of the ETI/EDI input data streams and all system parameters in a very clear manner. The software can also be used to manually switch the input for e. g. service purposes. All events are stored in the device in a log file, which can be retrieved via the PC software or alternatively stored in a network folder.

MAGIC SDC supports SNMP v1/v2c protocol for connection to up to four independent network management systems.

The two or four available LAN interfaces are freely programmable in terms of configuration, monitoring, SNMP and EDI input/output.


Dual LAN Upgrade

With the Dual LAN Upgrade, the system can be expanded by two additional LAN interfaces, so that a total of four LAN interfaces are available. The assignment of functions such as EDI, SNMP etc. is freely configurable.

In addition, an ETI module can be equipped.

ETI Modul

With the ETI module, the system can be extended by an ETI input/output. In addition, either a second ETI module or the Dual LAN module can be equipped.

  • ETI switching if two ETI modules are installed
  • EDI/ETI switching and converting if the EDI upgrade is available



ETI Modul

EDI Upgrade

With the EDI upgrade, the system can be extended by an EDI input/output.

  • EDI switching
  • EDI/ETI switching and converting if an ETI module is available

EDI Redundanz Upgrade

Automatic switching over of two linked SDC systems using the EDI outputs. The EDI upgrade is required for this functionality.

Redundante Stromversorgung

Optionally a redundant power supply can be used, the 5V DC table power supply is included in this hardware upgrade.