MAGIC Collaboration Services

  • LAN Client with Collaboration Services & NDI Output
    LAN Client with Collaboration Services & NDI Output
  • LAN Web Client with Collaboration Services
    LAN Web Client with Collaboration Services
  • WebRTC Invite on IPhone
    WebRTC Invite on IPhone

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Product Details

MAGIC Collaboration Services is an optional upgrade for AVT MAGIC telephone hybrids and enables connection to MS Teams or WebRTC applications.

The MAGIC Collaboration Server runs as an application on a server or PC that is connected to the telephone hybrids.
The corresponding application runs as a service under the Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) service platform and is managed via a web interface. Only this server or PC requires an Internet connection; the audio signals are then streamed to the telephone hybrid via the local network.

MAGIC Collaboration Services can be used with MAGIC TH2plus, MAGIC TH6, MAGIC THipPro Lite, MAGIC THipPro and MAGIC Server telephone hybrids. Only one basic installation is required per hardware or software platform. The number of lines required can be licensed individually for each system.

In the telephone hybrid user interface, all licensed MAGIC Collaboration Channels (single channel licence) can be registered in parallel to the VoIP lines for calls via MS Teams or WebRTC.
Line groups and studios can be used in the same way as VoIP lines.

In addition to audio signals, lines can also be licenced for video calls.
For video calls, the image is displayed directly above the line and can also be output via NDI.

With MAGIC Collaboration Services Basic, connection via WebRTC from a web browser is possible without the need for additional software on the caller side. Calls can then be transmitted via G.722 or OPUS.

With MAGIC Collaboration Services Professional, it is additionally possible to connect to the Microsoft Teams collaboration software. This allows reporters and correspondents using Microsoft Teams to call directly into live broadcasts with the best audio and optional video quality.
It is also possible to include external participants outside the organisation in Teams calls or conferences via scheduled meetings.
In addition to the regular phone book, the MS Teams phone book of the organisation is displayed in the software.
The audio transmission uses the robust MS Satin codec (128kbit/s, 32 kHz), which offers particularly good audio quality without dropouts even with high packet loss.
To use the function with Teams, a full version of Microsoft Teams is required, which is included in most Microsoft 365 packages.

The maximum number of channels that can be integrated corresponds to the maximum number of lines available in the telephone hybrid.
All functions such as PRETALK, HOLD and ON AIR or searching in the phone book, but also participation in scheduled Microsoft Teams meetings are possible as usual with just one click.



MAGIC Collaboration Services Extension

With the Collaboration Services Extension, additional hardware or software telephone hybrids can be connected to the basic installation of a location.

Audio/ Video Channel

The required number of channels can be individually licensed on a modular basis for each telephone hybrid.

Both audio-only channels and channels with additional video transmission are possible.

Extended Video In-/Outputs Upgrade

With the extended video input and output, several NDI outputs for different lines are possible in parallel.

In addition, an NDI input can also be used as a reverse image instead of the video input.


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