Competition Management for MAGIC THipPro

"The idea of integrating a competition management feature into the MAGIC THipPro database arose from a customer request," said Wolfgang Peters, managing director of AVT. "The supposedly simple requirements quickly became more complex after the initial discussions, and so a complete administration for classic competitions and events was created."

Thus, competitions can now be created and edited via the Competition Editor. If, for example, concert tickets are to be raffled, an employee can enter all relevant information about the event, such as date, location, available ticket contingent, the number of tickets a winner will receive by default, etc. in advance. Tickets for the on-site team can also be reserved here. Accounting-relevant data, such as the ticket price and bank details, can also be entered.

Competitions can be activated for several workplaces at the same time, so that larger campaigns with several screeners are also possible. The assignment of a prize is done with a simple button click. All winners are clearly displayed in winner lists, and via the competition status, each screener always has an overview of the current status of the available prizes or tickets.

An important feature in pandemic times is the possibility to also store the accompanying person(s) at concerts in the system with all relevant data and to link them to the winner. On the one hand, this makes it possible to ensure that people are sitting together at a concert, and on the other hand, it makes it easy to carry out the mandatory identification of contact persons in the event of an infection.

For post-processing, clear winner and event lists can be printed or created in various formats - optionally with bank data and value of the prize for accounting purposes. Event lists contain the contact details of the winners as well as their accompanying persons.

The Competition Management feature is a paid extension of the MAGIC THipPro SCREENER software and is available immediately to all users of a MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrid system.