Datasheets & Catalogues

Datasheets and catalogues for our AVT-Products can be downloaded here.

Telephone Hybrids

MAGIC THipPro VoIP Intercom Gateway (v1, Datasheets) PDF, 1.42 MB, 28.09.2018
Telephone Hybrids (v24, Catalogue) PDF, 17.54 MB, 04.03.2020

Audio Codecs

Audio Codecs (v18, Catalogue) PDF, 2.93 MB, 27.08.2019


DAB Products (v14, Catalogue) PDF, 3.33 MB, 28.08.2019
Produits DAB (français) (v1, Catalogue) PDF, 1.45 MB, 27.09.2019
Small-Scale DAB Headend (v1, Datasheets) PDF, 2.47 MB, 28.09.2018


There are no downloads available in this category.