MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer

  • MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer
    MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer
  • MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer
    MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer

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Product Details

The system is based on the Go multiplexer, but offers significantly more computing power and three Gigabit network interfaces. The main difference is the use in redundant headadends supported by MAGIC DABMUX plus. In addition, further data services are offered.

The device is realized as a 19" x 1U system with integrated power supply and redundant power supply. The system has a graphical, colored display, but more convenient control, monitoring and configuration is possible via an HTML5-compatible web browser.

Up to 25 programme providers can be connected via external audio encoders. Installing the encoders directly in the studio effectively prevents audio quality from being impaired by codec cascading.
Optionally, integrated Audio Encoders with AES67 or Webstream input are available and external and integrated encoders can be used in combination.

In order to satisfy as many applications as possible and also for future developments, the MAGIC DABMUX plus has considerably more interfaces than the Go multiplexer. It therefore has three GBit Ethernet network interfaces, which enable the configuration of up to three IP addresses per interface as well as VLANs. The system also offers 2 x USB 2.0 interfaces and an SD card slot.

Alternatively to using the MAGIC SDC, an optional integrated EDI/ETI redundancy switching is now available.


DAB+ FhG Audio Encoder Upgrade 1-Program

The upgrade allows the use of an integrated DAB+ encoder licensed by FhG. This ensures the best possible audio quality even at low bit rates.

Up to 14 encoders can be activated per multiplexer.

For the audio input, corresponding AES67 2-Channel Upgrade or Webstream Input Upgrade licenses are required.


An ETI module is available as an option. The E1 output has an impedance of 75 Ohm.

Monitoring Decoder Upgrade

The decoder upgrade allows the monitoring of any programme of the ensemble directly in the user interface.

PAD decoding and service information are supported by the monitoring decoder.

Monitoring Decoder

Emergency Warning Break-In Upgrade

The EWB upgrade, besides setting the correct announcement flag, enables the simultaneous replacement of all audio content by an emergency announcement. This ensures that the announcement is audible even with older receivers. Advisory texts and warning images via the PAD channel (Dynamic Label, SlideShow) can also be used. One additional MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Go or MAGIC AE4 Audio Encoder is required as emergency audio source.


Emergency Warning Break-In Upgrade

Cable Upgrade

An additional operating mode for cable networks is offered with the Cable Upgrade. The EDI input signal is analyzed. The EDI output signal can be reformatted, the protection level and the service label can be changed.

Switch Redundancy Upgrade

The upgrade extends a redundant multiplexer system with seamless EDI/ETI* redundancy switching for 2-way distribution of the EDI/ETI* signal.

*) Available only when the system is equipped with an ETI module.

Redundancy+ Upgrade

The upgrade enables 1-way EDI/ETI* distribution. The two redundant multiplexer systems monitor each other so that only one of the two systems sends the EDI signal at a time. Both the transmit and destination IP address can be configured identically on both multiplexers.

If an ETI module is equipped, the output of the backup system is connected to the input of the main system. Switching to the ETI level is in most cases seamless. In case of a power failure of the main system, the signal of the backup system is looped through via a bypass relay.

The function requires the Switch Redundancy Upgrade.

*) Available only when the system is equipped with an ETI module.

DAB System Manager Upgrade

The DAB System Manager upgrade allows the management and monitoring of all AVT DAB Headend System components via an HTML5-compatible browser. Currently the systems MAGIC DABMUX Go and MAGIC DABMUX plus are supported. The integration of the MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Go, the MAGIC AE4 DAB/DAB+ Encoder as well as the MAGIC EEC/SDC family will take place in a later release.

Key features are:

  • Common system monitoring
  • Redundancy view with manual main/backup path switching
  • Common log file of all system components using an SQL database
  • Email alert
  • Unlimited number of users with assignable rights
  • Central firmware update of all components

AES67 2-channels Upgrade

When using the integrated encoders, audio can be fed in via AES67. A licence is required for each stereo input (2 channels).

With the first AES67 licence, two AES67 stereo outputs (4-channels) are automatically enabled for monitoring purposes. Via the web interface, each AES67 audio input can be comfortably monitored.

The AES67 implementation is compatible with DANTE/RAVENNA/LIVEWIRE streams supporting SAP.

A maximum of 14 stereo inputs is possible.

The AES67 upgrade requires corresponding DAB+ FhG Audio Encoder Upgrades.

Webstream Input Upgrade

When using the integrated encoders, the audio feed can be provided via Icecast and SHOUTcast webstreams. A licence is required for each stereo input (2-channels).

Currently, a maximum of 13 stereo inputs are possible.

The Webstream Input Upgrade requires corresponding DAB+ FhG Audio Encoder Upgrades.

Ravenna Modul

With the Ravenna/AES67 interface card, 32 audio inputs/outputs can be routed over IP to Ravenna ® or AES67 compatible mixers.

The module already supports the NMOS sepecifications for Discovery & Registration as well as Device Connection Management, which significantly facilitates an integration into large scale AoIP networks.

This feature includes 2 LAN interfaces for Ravenna®.

MAGIC DABMUX Plus Rear with Ravenna Module

Dual LAN Upgrade

With the Dual LAN Upgrade, the system can be expanded by two 100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces, so that a total of five Ethernet interfaces are available.

Please note that either the Dual LAN Module or the ETI Module can be equipped.

Redundante Stromversorgung

A 12 V desktop power supply unit is optionally available.


Redundant power supply