• High quality audio transmission up to 20 kHz
  • Simultaneous registration at five SIP servers with automatic call recognition
  • Secure Streaming for IP Leased Line Mode
  • One independent command channel (G.711/G.722) per codec
  • Optional 2-Codec Uprade

Product Details

The MAGIC ACip3 is a pure IP Audio Codec and has three Ethernet interfaces, which can be used flexibly for Audio-over-IP transmissions, system control via Windows PC software and the integration of the system into a network management system via SNMP. The audio programs can be freely assigned and fed or output via one analog or two digital stereo interfaces. Alternatively, only two analog audio interfaces can be used.

Coding algorithms

The system supports the coding algorithms G.711, G.722, ISO/MPEG Layer 2, Opus and PCM 16/20/24 Bit in the standard version. The audio codec can optionally be extended with Enhanced apt-X 16/24 Bit, AAC-LD/AAC-ELD, AAC-LC and HE-AACV1/V2


2-Codecs Upgrade

In the standard version, the system encodes one stereo program and can optionally be upgraded with a second stereo program. With this optional 2-codecs-upgrade for the MAGIC ACip3 the same audio signal can be offered either with different bitrates (e.g. 128-kbit/s and 64-kbit/s) or with two different, independent coding algorithms (e.g. MPEG Layer 2 and OPUS). Even a mix of different audio coding algorithms and different bit rates is possible.

Backup Upgrade

With the available Backup-Upgrade an automatic backup solution for remote studios or transmitters can be implemented.
The remote audio signal, e.g. from a monitoring receiver to a transmitter side, can be easily monitored by using the PC sound card during a backup connection.

To make sure that the backup system works without problems, an automatic backup test can be performed once a day. Alternatively, a manual test call can be made to a specific page or to all pages.

For secure, reliable solutions, two MAGIC ACip3 systems can be used in redundancy mode. In case of a system failure, a remote side in backup mode is automatically connected to the redundant system.

Distribution Software

The Distribution Upgrade is a powerful application for the MAGIC ACip3 if one or two stereo audio signals are to be distributed to different remote studios on demand.

Depending on the requirements, 10, 20 or up to 50 remote audio decoders can be connected simultaneously to a MAGIC ACip3 distribution system. A comfortable Windows PC software provides a quick overview of the existing connections and allows the configuration of the entire system and the logging of possible warning messages.

Redundant power supply

An external power supply unit can be connected to MAGIC ACip3 as redundant power supply.

AES67 6-Channels Upgrade

The AES67 upgrade allows the use of six additional audio channels (6 x RX (2 Streams) and 6 x TX (1 Stream)) over IP via AES67.
AES67 is the lowest common denominator of several similar technologies and ensures communication between e.g. AES67 compatible Dante and Ravenna devices.

When used with ACconnect, 4 RX/TX channels are available.

MAGIC System Manager Upgrade

If a broadcasting station has several AVT telephone hybrids and audio codecs, these can be displayed in the MAGIC System Manager. This central management software allows a clear presentation of all MAGIC TH1Go, MAGIC TH2plus, MAGIC TH6, MAGIC THipPro and MAGIC ACip3 systems. Even if the system uses different software versions, all devices are supported. For each device, possible alarms and the operating status (in use, in configuration) are displayed. The query is made cyclically via SNMP. System Monitor, Registration Dialog, System Panel and Firmware Download can be accessed.

All hybrids and codecs can also be configured remotely from an administrative location. A complete remote configuration of the system is possible, all presets and super presets can be managed. For security reasons, the current status of the line is displayed. In the future also desired systems are to be selected and then on appropriate clients and systems a new release is to be rolled out completely. Reconfiguration is also planned, either manually or via a scheduler. Presets and super presets can be loaded quickly and easily, as well as SIP accounts can be assigned or changed.

One MAGIC System Manager license is required per system

Ember+ Extension Upgrades

For a more complex Ember+ configuration, the Ember+ Extension Upgrade offers simplified programming thanks to an improved function overview. The Ember+ Consumer Extension licence is used for DHD consoles, for LAWO units the Ember+ Dial Pad Extension licence is used. A maximum of one licence can be activated for the MAGIC ACip3. The upgrade is available on request.