Telephone Hybrids

Audio Codecs



The MAGIC TH1potsGo Telephone Hybrid provides a POTS line interface and a LAN interface which can optionally be used for Voice-over-IP (with HD Voice). As Audio interfaces two analoge Audio inputs and outputs are available.

The MAGIC TH2plus Telephone Hybrid provides an ISDN BRI (S0), two POTS and a LAN line interface, which can be used for VoIP. The system has analogue and digital Audio interfaces (configurable) and can be operated as double hybrid in all three modes (POTS, ISDN and IP).

The MAGIC TH2plus RM Telephone Hybrid is the 19" version of MAGIC TH2plus with integrated power supply and provides two POTS interface, one ISDN BRI and a LAN interface for VoIP as well as analogue and digital Audio interfaces (configurable). Additionally, MAGIC TH2plus RM has a coloured front keypad so that it can be operated very easily without using the PC Software.

MAGIC TH6 provides six POTS line interfaces for up to six caller lines. The talkshow system offers six Audio lines (2 x analogue, 4 x digital). Optionally, MAGIC TH6 can be used as Voice-over-IP Telephone Hybrid.

MAGIC THipPro POTS is an analogue POTS Telephone Hybrid for up to eight callers. The 1 RU system provides eight digital Audio lines (4 x AES/EBU interfaces) as well as two analogue XLR Audio interfaces. Additionally, up to two Handsets or Headsets can be connected for Pretalk. Via a simple software upgrade MAGIC THipPro can be extended into a VoIP Telephone Hybrid.

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