Telephone Hybrids

Audio Codecs



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MAGIC TH1Go Telephone Hybrid

MAGIC TH1Go Quick Installation Guide (pdf, 2,2 MB, 19.08.2014)

MAGIC TH2plus Telephone Hybrid

MAGIC TH2plus Quick Installation Guide (pdf, 3,6 MB, 10.08.2016)

MAGIC TH6 Telephone Hybrid

MAGIC TH6 Administrator Training (pdf, 4,6 MB, 18.01.2017)

MAGIC TH6 User Training (pdf, 2,8 MB, 06.02.2018) NEU 


MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrid (for Administrators)

MAGIC THipPro - Integration Guide (pdf, 400 KB, 25.11.2016)

MAGIC THipPro Administrator Training V1.3 (pdf, 9,0 MB, 22.06.2018) NEU 

SQL Server 2012 Express Installation for MAGIC THipPro (pdf, 3,3 MB, 22.09.2014)

Guidelines how to integrate Twitter in MAGIC THipPro (pdf, 2 MB, 10.08.2015) 


MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrid (for Users)

MAGIC THipPro LAN Software (pdf, 1,1 MB, 07.05.2015)

MAGIC THipPro Screener Software (pdf, 3,1 MB, 07.07.2016)

Ember+ & DHD SetLogic

Signaling and Control with Ember+ (pdf, 2,1 MB, 29.08.2017)

Signaling and Control with DHD SetLogic (pdf, 2,1 MB, 29.08.2017)

Remote Light Protocol (pdf, 600 KB, 11.10.2017) NEU 


MAGIC AC1 XIP Audio Codecs

MAGIC AC1 XIP Configuration & Operation Guide (pdf, 3,1 MB, 19.08.2014)

MAGIC AC1 XIP Secure Login Update (pdf, 970 KB, 09.08.2017)

MAGIC AC1 XIP - new features 5.100 (pdf, 572 KB, 06.02.2018) NEU

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