• ETI Decoder (NA, G.704 und NI, G. 703)
  • EDI Decoder (optional)
  • Integrated DAB & DAB+ Decoder
  • Simultaneous monitoring of all Audio subchannels in the ETI signal
  • Listening to one audio signal (expandable to multiple decoders)
  • Analogue and digital AES3 output
  • Additional headphone output
  • Two relays and six GPIO contacts for external signalling
  • Integrated level monitoring
  • PAD monitoring
  • NPAD monitoring (not Enhanced Packet Data)
  • TA monitoring & PTy information
  • Integrated error memory with date and time
  • Convenient configuration and monitoring software
  • Control via LAN (optional second LAN interface)
  • SNMP v1/v2c

Product Details

The MAGIC AD1 ETI decoder enables monitoring of the DAB transmission signal at any location in the ETI/EDI distribution network.

The system can either be patched in directly to the ETI (NA, G. 704 and NI, G. 703)2-Mbit/s signal to be monitored or connected parallel to the signal. Optionally, the connection can also be made via EDI. In case of failure of the device, the 2-Mbit-connection is bridged via a relay.

All audio programs contained in the ETI/EDI stream are monitored, whereby one of the programs can be decoded and listened to.

Additional ETI decoders can be cascaded via the 2-Mbit/s output so that several programs can be decoded at the same time.

The audio signal can be output in analogue and digital (AES3). There is also a headphone output.

The display shows all available programs as a list. Switching between the audio programs is done by simply pressing a button on the device. All relevant information on the currently selected programme can be retrieved.

Two relays and six GPIO contacts are available for external signalling.

In addition, all alarms can be stored internally in the system with date and time without PC.

The integrated LAN interface allows the system to be controlled and monitored. SNMP is also used to integrate the system into a network management system.

The possibility of extracting any program from the DAB ensemble allows a cost-effective audio program feed for non-DAB applications without the need to use additional transmission lines. This allows FM audio programs to be transmitted to station locations and audio programs to be fed into cable networks.

The supplied Windows PC software enables detailed error monitoring, decoding of the ETI data stream and reading of the error memory. All relevant information, such as 2-Mbit alarms, number of subchannels, subchannel types, etc., are displayed in a very clear way.



A second LAN interface is available as an option.

EDI Upgrade

With the EDI option, an EDI signal can be transmitted via the LAN interface.