New Remote Reporting Upgrade available


In order to broadcast a report when the studios are unmanned – which is often the case at many radio stations in the evenings and at night – a reporter can use the Remote Reporting Upgrade to carry out a live report via his mobile phone.

After dialling into the device, a freely definable PIN must be entered. A confirmation tone then sounds to indicate whether the entry was correct. The caller is then switched directly to the programme. To end the transmission, the reporter simply has to hang up.

The Remote Reporting Upgrade can also be used for emergency announcements. Instead of a reporter, the police, fire brigade or emergency services can then dial in directly. To prevent misuse, certain phone numbers can be white-listed in the phone book. Only these authorised numbers can then dial in.

The Remote Reporting Upgrade is available for all MAGIC TH1Go, MAGIC TH2plus, MAGIC TH6 and MAGIC THipPro telephone hybrids. For the evaluation of the PIN, the optional DTMF Analyzer Plug-In is additionally required. For the MAGIC TH1Go, the upgrade can only be configured with the optional Windows PC software or the System Manager Upgrade.