MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer supports webstreams


The audio feed to our new MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble multiplexer can now optionally be done via Icecast/Shoutcast webstreams.

This allows another audio source to be used in addition to AES67 streams. This is advantageous, for example, if a radio station provides the programme as an internet stream: the multiplexer can directly decode the MP3 webstream. This audio signal is then fed to the integrated DAB+ encoders without the need for additional hardware.

Alternatively, hardware encoders can still be used, providing optimal quality and minimal delay. In this case, the webstreams can also be used as a backup feed.

All encoders we use employ the FhG-licensed DAB+ algorithm, which provides the best audio quality. Hardware encoders and integrated encoders can be used in combination.

The MAGIC DABMUX plus can be used for small-scale applications as well as for high-end systems, is easily configured via an HTML5-enabled web browser and supports automated operation in redundant headends.